What To Look For In Chicken Coop Plans

Maybe you are looking for chicken coop plans that will allow you to build something that is more aesthetically pleasing. Before choosing your plans though, you should know there are other important matters that you should consider first.

chicken coop plans

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Having a great looking chicken coop will certainly make you feel better about your project, but you really do need one that will suit the needs of your birds.

Here are some things you should consider when selecting your plans.

Since you do want your chickens to remain healthy and well adjusted, you want to provide them with adequate space.

Every full-grown chicken should have a minimum of four square feet to live in.

chicken coop plansThat means if you are planning to have ten chickens you will need at least 40 square feet of space.

However, it is never a good idea to skimp on the space you have for your flock.

For the happiest chicken, you should provide them with even more room to run.

A crowded chicken coop will lower the quality of life your feathered friends will have and can cause your chickens to begin picking at each other and sometimes leads to cannibal like behavior.

chicken laying eggsYour chickens need plenty of light to help stimulate them to lay eggs. This is especially important if you want them to continue to lay throughout the year.

Some experts suggest that you provide one light for each 40 feet within the building where you house your birds.

Small shelters should only require a single light positioned above the feed and watering troughs. The lights also provide some heat during cold times of the year.

chicken coop plansChickens love to perch so that they are off the ground and less vulnerable to predators.

This is a natural instinct and should be respected if you want happy, healthy fowl.

By providing appropriate perches inside the chicken coop, they will be less likely to perch on nest boxes, feeders and watering troughs. This will prevent droppings from accumulating in areas that can lead to diseases.

When choosing chicken coop plans, you should make sure that they include plans for ventilation. While you don’t want to cause drafts, it is very important that you provide a way to keep the chickens cool and dry during warmer times of year.

Just check out a quick 3D video walk-through of one of Bill Keen’s detailed chicken coop plans:


chicken coop plansNesting boxes are another important feature that should be incorporated into your chicken coop plans.

One box is recommended for every 5 to 6 chickens for those whose purpose for raising chickens is to have farm fresh eggs.

Nests must be dark and give your hens the feeling of safety when they are laying eggs. Straw and wood shavings make great nesting materials and cushion the vulnerable eggs.

The purpose of a chicken coop is to provide protection for your chickens against predators such as hawks, rats, coyotes, foxes and the domesticated animals we love like cats and dogs. It should be built of sturdy materials and covered with chicken wire so that nothing can get inside.

Just by keeping these simple tips in mind, you should be able to locate the chicken coop plans you need to continue enjoying your flock of birds.

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