Bill Keene’s Building a Chicken Coop Guide

Bill Keene is known as the author of Building A Chicken Coop. His book as well as the chicken coop plans reflect his experience of many years in the poultry industry. They are written in a way that even a total beginner would be able to start building his or her first chicken home.

With his help, tips and advice you will be guided safely through all stages involved in raising chickens successfully. All you need is some space in the back of your home, and you and your family could join the fun. Just think about the fresh organic eggs each morning or perhaps farm-fresh chicken meat.

You won’t need modern tools and the latest gadgets just to start with your chicken project. Bill Keene thoroughly illustrates how it can be done by using only basic tools and materials.

building a chick coop plans

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All chicken coop plans are well presented – no detail is left out. Each plan is divided into several simple steps, which are easy to understand. Every single step includes everything that is needed to successfully complete the part, such as a list of the material with its individual sizes. This will save quite a bit of money.

However, Bill didn’t stop at just including plans for building coops in small, medium and large sizes, he also covers various important topics like heating, lighting, the right ventilation, feeding as well as building nest boxes using cheap material and finding the best place in your backyard to position your chicken coop and much more.

And let’s not forget an abundance of tips and advice on chicken care to keep your flock in good shape and happy guaranteeing you a continues supply of healthy fresh organic eggs.

Bill Keene definitely knows what he is talking about. His chicken coop plans are simple and easy to implement, and each individual step is detailed thoroughly from material selection to measurements. This will provide you with both, enjoyment and success for yourself and a happy and healthy home for your chickens.

And don’t be fooled by people saying that pre-made coops are just easier to build. Most of them have to be assembled by yourself anyway. Furthermore, it’s not just the price difference. The whole family can be involved. Think about all the fun and in particular, the educational part for your children. And don’t forget chickens are actually low-maintenance pets compared to others.

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