My Detailed Review of The Building A Chicken Coop Guide

You don’t need to be a master carpenter for building a good-looking coop. This review will explain how you can build an affordable coop with the help of this easy to follow Building A Chicken Coop Guide.

There are plenty of reasons for you to build a backyard chicken coop, and you may in fact regard it as one of the best decisions you have ever made. Building a backyard coop will provide you with fresh organic eggs every single day, and you will find that you are able to recycle food scraps into fertilizer.

Overall, building your own coop will be much, much better, and more economically friendly than purchasing a pre-built coop. Keep in mind that such coops are horrendously expensive and building your own gives you the ability to customize whatever you wish, especially if there is only limited space available in your backyard for this project.

Let’s take a closer look at Building A Chicken Coop…

Bill Keene is an expert on chicken coops, and he understands that it can seem like a difficult project. After all, you have to work out the prices for materials, the insulation, lighting, position, nesting, perches, waste collection, and of course, feeding. Feeding your chickens can actually present you with some serious problems as you’re dealing with one of the only species that develops a habit of defecating in its own food supply.

In addition to that you will need to work out watering, and you can be certain that chickens will contaminate their own water if left to their own devices. In addition to that they’ll actually drink it – no matter what’s in it.

building a chicken coop review

Though this can be a rather tough undertaking, it is one you can be proud of, and Bill Keene has many years of experience in the poultry industry. He has brought us an easy to follow guide that will walk anyone through the creation of their very own chicken coop, regardless of their level of coop building experience. Best of all, you won’t require any special tools! A hammer, saw, level, and a few other basic tools are all you will need to get started on the first home for your chickens.

Looking for more proof that Bill Keene knows what he’s talking about in this book?

This guide is well-written and will help you to learn and understand what is essential for building a coop successfully. Just have a quick look what’s all inside this guide:

building a chicken coop review

Then there are the actual chicken coop plans. These plans cover coops from small to medium to large. The plans are thoroughly written in a professional step by step way and thus easy to follow. No detail has been left out. The material list, in particular, is very helpful. Each coop plan is available as an individual PDF which can be printed whenever you need, no matter how many copies you need. Here is a sample of a screenshot of Bill Keen’s chicken barn plan:

building a chicken coop review

These plans are incredibly easy to implement no matter how skilled a craftsman you are. Keene’s expertise in the poultry industry has allowed him to devise some of the simplest plans that will keep your chickens covered all year round.

In addition to the Building A Chicken Coop guide and the detailed plans, the author has also included some bonuses:

  • How To Best Position Your Chicken Coop
  • How To Easily Build Nesting Boxes Out of Common Materials
  • Best Materials For The Ground
  • The Cheapest Materials To Build Your Coop Out Of
  • Organic Gardener’s Composting
  • Organic Gardening for Beginners
  • Organic Vegetable Gardening
  • Poultry Architecture
  • The Secrets For A Lush Garden

Regardless if you have or haven’t much experience building chicken coops, this comprehensive package is a must have if you are thinking of building one. Bill Keene’s coop guide will provide you with the best information and tips on the creation of chicken homes available. This will enable you to raise your birds in a healthy, safe and happy environment.

You’ve read this far, and you are interested in purchasing this product today. But maybe you are wondering if this guide will work for you.

You have probably tried a lot of similar products in the past. You’ve been burned. You have wasted a lot of money trying things that didn’t work.

That’s why you can purchase these chicken coop plans risk free with a 60 day full money-back guarantee. This product will work for you and, at present, it is available for a very special price. If you are unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, you’ll get a full and prompt refund.

Now You Too can discover the Secrets of Building the Ideal Coop for Your chickens.

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