A Thorough Review of The Chicken Coop Guides

There are some people (okay, more than some) who are great with animals, but have no idea what to do when it comes to building stables, stalls or coops.

Building a chicken coop might prove to be a daunting task, and many people turn to the pre-made coops. While this might seem like an appropriate solution to your problems, it is actually much less efficient than you think. When you buy a pre-built coop, you will find that you pay extra for literally every single part. You are typically paying for the labor that was put into it – labor that you could have done on your own.chicken coop guides review

This is where Chicken Coop Guides, written by John White, comes into play.

Chicken Coop Guides is a great place for those who wish to start raising chickens, but also want to save a considerable amount of money along the way. There are a number of valuable benefits to subscribing to this service, including easy to follow chicken coop plans, chicken raising guides and weekly tips for all members.

When you choose to build your own coop, you will get to select which materials are used. You can choose the best materials, and you can get them for wholesale prices – quite the accomplishment if I may say so. Your local hardware shop will have everything you need, and these easy to follow guides will push you in the right direction.

You will find that when you build your own coop, you get a coop that suits your precise needs. You might need a coop to support two chickens, or you might need one to support twenty. Either way, you will know what to build, how to build it, and roughly how much it will cost.

The best part of this guide is the materials list. Rather than simply guess at what you need, you will get a detailed material list. All the material is conveniently listed with the exact cutting size. You can print it out and take it to your local hardware store. Once there you can provide the list to store workers, and they will help you located the right materials. In addition to that they will cut the materials for you, and ensure you have the exact quantities. It’s like buying a pre-made coop at a fraction of the cost.

chicken coop guides review

Furthermore, Chicken Coop Guides provides a great active forum for their members where you can meet fellow chicken lovers. Here you can get support for anything related to chickens, building coops, etc. If a technical question arises during the building process of your chicken coop project, just ask at the forum, and you will find many experienced members who can help you with the right advice.

Another great feature is the video vault. Here you can find interesting and helpful videos like keeping and raising chickens, the characteristics of various chicken breeds, what to feed, building a coop and much more.

To conclude this Chicken Coop Guides review, I am sure that the step by step directions in this guide will help you to get underway to build a high-quality chicken coop the very first time. In addition to that, the full-color  illustrations will give you a good idea what your chicken coop should look like when it is completed.

However, you have a lot of work ahead of you, but this guide will take some of the load off of you and help light your way to a better backyard chicken coop. And finally, let’s not forget that the author offers also a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

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