Chicken Feed – All You Need to Know

Are you looking for information about all the different types of chicken feed on the market? Do you have chickens that are being farmed commercially, personally or even just as pets? chicken feed

Feeding your chickens the right mix of feed for your particular purpose is crucial to achieving your goals.

While it might seem like a straightforward matter of giving them any regular feed, your chickens are only as good as what they eat.

Because commercial feeds are different from the off-the-shelf types, knowing which is going to work for you is not only important, but will influence the costs involved.

Brief Explanation

chicken feed

With increased knowledge from science and nutrition, feeding your chickens is becoming a precise process that will lead to different results depending on the type of feed provided. The most common poultry feed consists of grain, of which about 25% is considered to be indigestible (referred to as bulk), and should come with a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals.

The amount of feed you provide your chickens and the nutritional requirements they need will depend on the age of the chickens and the time of year. Any feed must be kept dry to prevent rot and contamination because this will cause potential infections and sickness in your chickens. Damp feed can become a breeding ground for all sorts of fungi, which will lead to complications and death for your chickens.

Feeding Options

chicken feed feeder

There are a number of ways to feed your chickens, with larger-scale options being the use of feeders. These are machines that provide the feed through the use of troughs or tubes to keep the elements out and the quantities exact. These are great if you have a large number of birds and need to minimize the time spent on feeding.

With a small number of chickens, you can use a jar or even simply feed them by hand. Remember that chickens are natural foragers, and as such they will constantly look for additional feed throughout the day. Some of them will also eat pieces of stones or grit to aid them in their digestion.

chicken feedA high-quality commercial chicken feed should contain enough bulk and grit so that the birds do not need anything else.

If you use a normal off-the-shelf chicken feed, it may be worthwhile to ensure that you have an area that can accommodate their need for grit.

Because chicken feed is often the most expensive part of the farming process, the right type and quality are essential to maximize the return on your investment and ensure that your birds are as healthy as possible.

Chicken feed is an area that you won’t want to skimp on, as the implications of doing so can be far more costly than if you take the initial time and money to provide your birds with a feed that guarantees quality nutrition and sustenance. Trying to save on chicken feed is a classic example of being a penny wise and pound foolish.

Chicken Feed

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