Chicken Runs – Are They Crucial to Raising Chickens?

When creating chicken runs, it is important that you do it with careful planning because it is the runs that are one of the most important elements of a chicken coop. It is in the runs that chickens spend a lot of their time, and it is vital that they are supplied with enough room to move around. For this reason, building your runs should begin with the perfect plans.

chicken runsIt is within chicken runs where chickens get out of their house to run around and get fresh air and sunlight. This is important for their health and happiness.

However, when chickens are out of the protection and safe haven of their house, they are more vulnerable to predators. This is where a well-constructed run is so important.

When you build a chicken run, it is crucial that you do not position it next to heavy bushes and other dense growth. If you do that, you will be simply setting your chickens up for being pounced on by predacious creatures like wolves, coyotes, raccoons, dogs and cats as well as other animals. By building runs away from such areas, you will be making it more difficult for these hungry critters to get to.

chicken runsDepending on where you live, you could simply install a fence around your farmyard to prevent entry from unwanted intruders.

Just remember that just putting up a fence and calling it good is not enough.

You will also need to keep it adequately maintained. That means checking it every day for signs that animals are trying to dig under or climb over. Your chicken’s lives depend on your diligence, so don’t let them down.

Since many predators like to prowl around at night, one of the best ways you can protect your chickens is to lock them in their house when they go to roost at dusk. Of course, you will also need to let them out in the morning so they can go about their business of picking bugs and laying eggs.

chicken runsChicken runs are typically fenced in using chicken wire. Done correctly, the wire is also run under the ground then covered with soil. This provided added protection because predators cannot dig their way into the run.

The wire can even be run around the outside parameter of the run and covered the same way to make it even harder for predation to take place.

Chickens love being able to run freely in a safe area. By constructing your chicken runs properly, you will be giving them exactly what makes them happy. Your flock will be more content and produce more eggs when you give them what they need. That’s why chicken runs are a crucial part of caring for your birds.

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