Chicken Tractor Plans for Newbies And Veterans

If you have never considered chicken tractor plans before, you may not even know what this type of device is all about. It is a wonderful way to manage your chickens while at the same time offering them more nutrition than would be possible through the use of an ordinary chicken coop. In addition to that, if you like to garden this device will allow you to take advantage of the natural tendencies of your chickens.

chicken tractor plansIn the United States, they are called chicken tractors, but the United Kingdom has dubbed them as chicken arks. They are basically the same type of device and provide a movable enclosure for keeping chickens safe while allowing them to pick insects and graze on grass and weeds.

Searching for chicken tractor plans will provide you with the opportunity to locate those that best suit your needs. Just remember that your chickens require a certain square footage if they are going to be content and remain healthy throughout their lives. As a general rule, your plans should allow a minimum of four square feet per chicken.

chicken tractor plansChicken tractors are most popular among those who have little space to allocate to their flock. That means you are more likely to find them urban and suburban areas rather than on farms.

One of the most important features of a chicken tractor is that it has no floor. This gives the chickens the chance to get scratch in the earth digging up worms and getting to insects and grass which are some of their favorite foods.

Chicken tractors make it easy to easily transport your chickens from one place to another. That lets you move them around through your garden where they can pick at the ground with their beaks and claws. Anyone who has ever watched a single chicken dig around on the top of the earth knows that if left in place long enough there will be little grass or weeds left to interfere with the way your garden grows.

chicken tractor plansThere are lots of different chicken tractor plans available online that are designed especially for the do-it-yourselfer. Some are free while others must be purchased.

Regardless which ones you choose, it is important that you make sure that all the instructions are includes. It would do you little good to obtain something that you had no idea how to put together.

Your chickens will thank you when you provide them with something that feels very much like free range dining. Likewise, you will thank them for providing you with eggs and their services in cleaning up your garden plot. As you can see, this is a win, win situation all around.

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