DIY Chicken Coop – Build Your Coop in 6 Easy Steps

Urban farming is one of the latest trends, and you can build a DIY chicken coop in your own backyard (if your local authority allows it). diy chicken coop

Building your own chicken coop is much cheaper than buying one, and it is surprisingly simple when you have the proper coop plans, materials, and tools.

Follow these 6 easy steps, and you’ll have a new home for your feathered friends in no time.

1. Build the Base

diy chicken coop

For an excellent chicken coop, you need a strong base. You should allow for 3 to 4 square feet of space for each chicken you have. So, if you have three chickens and want a 4-foot tall chicken coop, a 6’x4′ base is appropriate. Get two 6′ 2×4 boards and two 4′ 2×4 boards. Screw them together into a rectangle.

2. Build the Sides

diy chicken coop

Screw four 4′ 2×2 boards into each corner of the base. Add 6′ 2×2 cross-boards on each 6′ side for added support, and one 4′ 2×2 cross-board on the back side. On the front side, use 2′ or 3′ 2×2 boards to construct a door frame to allow yourself access to the coop. You will need to enter comfortably in order to clean the coop, feed your chickens and gather eggs. On top, attach wood to make a roof identical to the base.

3. Build the Walls

diy chicken coop

Use a staple gun to staple chicken wire all along the sides and roof of your chicken coop. Chicken wire will give your hens plenty of fresh air and ventilation while protecting them from predators and escape. Leave open space where your front door will be.

4. Build the Hen House

diy chicken coop

Within your DIY chicken coop, you will need a hen house where your hens can feel comfortable nesting, sleeping and taking shelter. Attach a piece of plywood across the side supports to be the base of the hen house. Add plywood to build full walls around the hen house, leaving about 2 square feet of space for a front door where your hens can enter and exit. Using small 2×2 boards, construct a small ladder leading from the hen house to the ground for easy access.

5. Build a Roof

diy chicken coop

You will want a slanted roof over your chicken coop to protect your chickens from rain and snow. Get an 8’x5′ sheet of plastic roofing. On the top of your structure, add two more 2′ 2×2 boards on one end. Attach your roof onto the top of those boards with screws, and allow it to slant to the other end of your structure. Attach the other end there.

6. Accessorize

diy chicken coop nesting boxes

Now that you have built a sturdy and effective DIY chicken coop, you can accessorize to make it the ideal home for your chickens. Inside the hen house, build a nesting box. It should be about 1 cubic foot. This is where your hens will lay their eggs. Also build a roost inside the hen house and outside the hen house. You can use actual tree branches or more boards.

This coop project should only take few days to construct with the proper plans, tools and materials. And why not let the whole family join you. It will definitely be a lot of fun for all of you, especially your kids. Now you are ready to invite some chickens into your brand-new DIY chicken coop!

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